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Your November Garden Checklist

The colors of late fall are inspired by the landscape: flaxen grasses, scarlet maples and sedum. Here in California I'm just starting to see the ginkgos go gold and native grapevines turn rust. Sidewalks are littered with the leaves of London plane trees.

Though November in the U.S. is marked by giant turkeys at the centers of dining tables, college football and perhaps the thrill of staying up till midnight to score a sweet deal on the latest Xbox, I like to remember that this month and this season are most noted for what's happening outside. Changing leaves signify upcoming winter dormancy, with fall plantings reaping postfrost rewards.

Whether you live in Vermont or Arizona, get outside and tie up loose ends before it's too cold. Rake, plant and prep for winter. Here's what you can do in your garden this November.

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Southeast. "November is the best time to plant most spring-flowering bulbs," writes North Carolina garden writer Helen Yoest. "Mix in some lime and a balanced fertilizer, like 10-10-10 or a special bulb mixture (9-9-6), at planting time."