1 Month (30 Days) Before Your Move
  1.   Call a moving company early for an estimate. Remember, local & long distance moves have peak periods, so book early for discounts & better service.
  2.   Call and inform your insurance agent.
  3.   Notify Post Office of new address.
  4.   Mail change-of-address cards.
  5.   Obtain medical, dental records.
  6.   Notify schools.
  7.   List any questions about your move.
2 Weeks Before Your Move
  1.   Arrange to disconnect utilities.
  2.   Arrange to connect at new home.
  3.   Collect dry cleaning and items sent out for repair.
  4.   Return things borrowed; collect those loaned.
  5.   Use a cart as a mobile packing table.
  6.   Hold a garage sale to dispose of items.
1 Week Before Your Move
  1.   Set items aside to pack in your car.
  2.   Take down the curtains/rods, shelves.
  3.   Arrange for sitter on moving day.
  4.   Check with the phone company to see if you are entitled to a credit.
  5.   Make up "Do Not Move" cartons for articles to be taken in you car
1 Day Before Your Move
  1.   Empty refrigerator and freezer.
  2.   Clean and air your range.
  3.   Finish packing personal items.
  4.   Get a good night's sleep.
Moving Day
  1.   Be sure that someone is there to answer the movers' questions.
  2.   Inspect all appliances to be sure that they have been serviced.
  3.   Sign/Save copies of bills of lading, verify delivery address with mover, advise where you can be reached.
  4.   Strip beds, but leave fitted bottom sheets on mattresses.
  5.   Keep your vacuum ready.
  6.   Make a final inspection of the house before leaving. Check all rooms and closets. Turn off lights. Lock up tight.
  7.   Provide the driver of the moving van with accurate directions to your new home.
  8.   Relax!

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