Morgan Creek

Highway 99 East to 168 Street and 32 Avenue up north to 40 Avenue.


Since the 1980’s the Sekhon family has been growing their own blueberries on the farm that they purchased in 1987. The very first crop of blueberries was happily picked in 1989. Today the farm is over 40 acres, 30 of which are included in the Agriculture Land Reserve.

In 1994 the Morgan Creek Development began which was going to become a retirement community of large homes built around the Morgan Creek Golf Course. There are currently 325 homes in the development. The Morgan Creek Development is located in Rosemary Heights in the South end of Surrey.

There are plans concerning the area running along the Western boundary of the Sekhon family farm that are under development. The plan is referred to as phase six and calls for the building of 950 homes to this area. There are also hopes of the area increasing by 10,000 residents within the next seven years. As of today there are at least twenty blueberry farms including the Sekhon farm within the area.

Rough pricing

prices can range roughly from $335,000 and $1.2 million.

Houses in the area range from approximately $570,000 to $2.4 million.

If you are thinking of selling, Beebe would be more than happy to give you a current and complete market evaluation of your home.

Current Morgan Creek Listings

Some of the main facilities and business in the area are:

: Rosemary Heights Linear Park

High Schools: The closest high school to the area is Elgin Park Secondary School.

Elementary Schools: The closest elementary school to the area is Sunnyside Elementary School.

Community Centers: South Surrey Arena and South Surrey Youth Centre.

Business Centers: Morgan Creek Golf Course, Garden of Gethsemani Cath Cemetery

Recycling / Garbage: There is a Wastech transfer station located in Surrey just north of the Trans Canada Highway.

Morgan Creek Education

2018/2019 School Year Boundary Map 
Colour - With Property Lots ( PDF, 4.58 MB)

Elgin Park Secondary School - 13484 - 24 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A 2G5, Tel: 604-538-6678

Sunnyside Elementary School - 15250 - 28 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4P 1B9, Tel: 604-531-4826

Morgan Creek Parks and Recreation

Morgan Creek Golf Course - We are a four-season course with playing conditions that are second to none. 3500 Morgan Creek Way, Surrey, BC V4P 2J9, Tel: (604) 542-5325

South Surrey Arena - 2199 – 148 Street, Surrey, BC, V4A 9P5, Tel: (604) 502-6200

South Surrey Youth Centre - 14601 20th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A 9P5, Tel: 604-502-6200

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