Elgin / Chantrell

Starting at the King George Highway and heading west to 140th Street, South to 20th Avenue, West to 128th Street and North up to Crescent Road makes the boundaries for this community.


In 1874 the Semiahmoo road opened establishing Elgin’s position as a stage stop and a hotel was built to provide rest for those on the road. Within the hotel there was a small country store and post office to serve the residents, but although the hotel was a success it diminished due to the opening of the New Westminster Southern railway in 1891.

By 1886 Elgin had been declared as Canada’s customs entry port, which meant that all traffic from the Nicomekl River and the Semiahmoo Road were supposed to report. Soon there were two more ports built within the area. The ports of White Rock and Douglas caused the success of the Elgin Port to fade.

Elgin was now home to a hotel with a barn and blacksmith, a local school, a community hall, a sawmill, and a Port of customs.

Rough pricing

prices start at approximately $460,000 and can go up to $1 million.

Houses in this area range from approximately $595,000 to $3.7 million.

If you are thinking of selling, Beebe would be more than happy to give you a current and complete market evaluation of your home.

Current Elgin Listings

Some of the main facilities and business in the area are:

: Elgin Heritage Park, Victoria Memorial Park, Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Park, South Surrey Athletic Park, Chantrell Creek Park, and Crescent Park.

High Schools: Elgin Park Secondary School

Elementary Schools: Crescent Park, Chantrell Park, Sunnyside, and Jessie Lee are all Elementary schools in or near the area.

Community Centers: South Surrey Arena, Windsor Square, and South Surrey Youth Centre

Business Centers: Riverside Golf Centre, Nico Wynd Golf Course

Recycling / Garbage: There is a Wastech transfer station located in Surrey just north of the Trans Canada Highway.

Elgin / Chantrell Education

2018/2019 School Year Boundary Map 
Colour - With Property Lots ( PDF, 4.58 MB)

Elgin Park Secondary School
http://www.elginpark.net/ - 13484 - 24 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A 2G5, Tel: 604-538-6678

Crescent Park Elementary School
http://www.sd36.bc.ca/sites/crescentpark/ - 2440-128 Street, Surrey, BC, V4A 3W3, Tel: 604-535-9101.

Chantrell Creek Elementary School
http://www.sd36.bc.ca/sites/chantrell/ - 2575 - 137 Street, Surrey, BC, V4P 2K5, Tel: 604-535-6708

Sunnyside Elementary School
http://www.sd36.bc.ca/sites/sunnyside/ - 15250 - 28 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4P 1B9, Tel: 604-531-4826

Jessie Lee Elementary School
https://www.surreyschools.ca/schools/jessie/Pages/default.aspx - 2064 - 154 Street, Surrey, BC, V4A 4S3, Tel: 604-531-8833

Elgin / Chantrell Parks and Recreation

Sunnyside Acres
148th St& 24th Ave, Surrey

SS Athletic Park
http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/2215.aspx - 148th St and 20th Ave, Surrey

Crescent Park
http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/2189.aspx - 128 St& Crescent Rd, Surrey

South Surrey Arena
http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/1919.aspx - 2199 – 148 Street, Surrey, BC, V4A 9P5, Tel: (604) 502-6200

South Surrey Youth Centre
http://www.surrey.ca/culture-recreation/1918.aspx - 14601 20th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4A 9P5, Tel: 604-502-6200

Riverside Golf Centre
http://www.tee-off.ca/courses/bc191.htm - One of the toughest par three layouts in the province, the Riverside Golf Center’s 9 holes were laid down in 1969. 3600 King George Highway, Surrey, BC, V4P 1B5, Tel: (604) 531-3555

Nico Wynd Golf Course
http://www.nicowynd.bc.ca/ - Designed to be a walking course, our 5906-yard, par 70, nine holes, two-pin course provides an interesting challenge for any golfer.

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