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Zoning ? What can you build on your waterfront property?

We all have something in mind when we buy a home for redevelopment or when were looking for a piece of property to build our dream home. What we must understand are the perimeters that the city will allow as far as set backs from the roads and how close to the neighbours can we put the garage or how high can ceilings be on the second floor and still be with in the building heights allowed. Then the big one how many square feet can my home be?

The various zonings determine the shape and sizes that our waterfront homes become. Let me enlighten you. I know first hand as I have owned bluff property in White Rock for 11 years.

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Terry Rd is zoned RS-4


set Back 25 Ft.

Rear Set Back 25 Ft.

Side Yard 6Ft

Max Height 25 Ft

Lot Coverage limitless Sq. Ft. to Build, since the size of the dwelling is only controlled by the front, rear, and side set backs

This Is Good!

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Marine Drive RS-4

Same zoning as Terry Road

These lots are very large. This is why the most expensive homes are here.

Marine Drive south of Nichol RS-1

This is the stretch down to West Beach to the White Rock Promenade.

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136 Street- 13 th ave RF

Front Set Back 25 Ft

Rear Set Back 25 Ft

Side Yard 6Ft

Max Height 30 Ft

Lot Coverage 40%

This includes 380 sq ft for a 2-car garage finished home approx. 3150sf

Floor Area Coverage 48% max 3550 sf.

The restriction of the RF zone can result in property owners, who have there own ideas about what they want on there property applying to the City for a comprehensive zone (CD) where a specific home design is put forth for approval. This can take a year for the process and involves a neighborhood information hearing.

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Indian Fort Drive  -RH

Front Set Back 25 Ft.

Rear Set Back 25 Ft.

Side Yard          15 Ft.

Max Height       30 Ft.

Lot Coverage    25%

Floor Area Ratio 25%

Crescent Rd. in most cases RA

Front Set Back 25 Ft

Rear Set Back 25 Ft

Side Yard          15 Ft

Max Height       30 Ft

Lot Coverage     20 Ft

Floor Area Coverage  N/A

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For any questions any property evaluations, help with selling or buying a waterfront home, please let me be of assistance. Beebe Cline 604-531-1909 a 24/7 answering service is always reachable!