Buying A New Home

If you have decided to take the large leap and buy a house, there are many factors that come into play.  Consider some of these points before you consider shopping the market:

  - Are you ready / prepared to buy?
 - What costs will be involved when moving?
 - What is the best time to buy a property?
 - Why are you moving?
 - Are you in a hurry to move?
 - When hiring a professional ask family or friends for referrals of real estate agents.
 - Seek legal representation.
 - Organize your financial status
 - Consider the effects of moving could have on your taxes.

After you have made your decision and are ready to hire a professional and start the long and sometimes stressful hunt of open houses, remember to think of these points.  It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving where you tend to forget certain things to look for:

 - Hire a professional
 - When hiring a professional ask family or friends for referrals of real estate agents.
 - Do your research when choosing an agent
 - Talk to your realtor.  Let them know what you like and don’t like.
 - Consult a mortgage counsellor
 - What should you buy? Think of size requirements
 - Lifestyles and changes.  Do you plan to have children?  Do you have children that are moving away? Are you close to retirement?
 - Needs vs. Wants.  What features do you want from a home? What features do you need?
 - Consider a neighbourhood you might like to move to
 - View as many houses as possible
 - When viewing, check for properly working appliances/fixtures
 - Look at maintenance costs.  Newer appliances or covered by warranty
 - Search the neighbourhood for businesses within the area, ex. Schools, hospitals, malls, etc.
 - Arrange for home inspections
 - Be an informed buyer.  Some neighbourhoods have deed limitations
 - Shop for mortgage rates and terms
 - You may be able to upgrade or choose certain items such as tiles, siding, floors, etc.

The path of purchasing a new home can be very difficult and confusing, but there are people who you can go to for help.  Whether they help you figure a price limit that you can afford, or take you on tours of neighbourhoods and houses that interest you, all of these professions are important to the Buying/Selling process.  Certain professionals that you might seek for help: 

 - Real Estate Agent
 - Lender or Mortgage Broker
 - Lawyer/Notary
 - Home Inspector
 - Insurance Broker
 - Appraiser
 - Land Surveyor
 - Builder/Contractor

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