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You Said It: 'Don't Use Your Phone' and Other Tips of the Week

This week Houzz stories reminded me that my cat is worth the torn up hand-knotted rug, taught me about an artist making amazing chandeliers from reclaimed bicycle chains, and introduced me to a genius invention called the Corkcicle, among other things. As usual, there was so much great information it was hard to remember it all, but here are a few favorite sentiments, tips, reminders and ideas that jumped out at me this week. Please add any that struck a chord with you in the Comments section.
“A product called the Chillsner from a company called Corkcicle (if nothing else, this company is good at naming things) is basically an airtight lid for beer bottles, with a frozen tube that goes straight down into the bottle to chill a beer.” — Mike Elgan

OK, at first this seems high maintenance and over the top. However, no one appreciates an ice-cold beer more than this gal, to the point that I’ll put one in the freezer and let it chill 20 minutes before twisting that cap off. Also, here in Atlanta’s heat, a lot of my friends keep a Koozie in their purses for Sunday Funday or ask for frozen glasses because things heat up so quickly. These behaviors are higher maintenance than getting into the Corkcicle habit. I’d much prefer to answer questions about my Corkcicle than be seen holding a leopard print Koozie with feather boa detailing and “Heather’s Bachelorette Party 2002 WOO HOO!” written on it.