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To-Dos: Your November Home Checklist

The weather may be turning chillier and the leaves disappearing, but with Thanksgiving and the winter holidays approaching, you’re likely to have a bustle of activity indoors. Get ahead of things this November by checking these 12 items off your to-do list, and rest easy in a cleaner, cozier home.
11. Have trees trimmed. Trees are dormant at this time of year, which makes it a good time to have the trees on your property professionally trimmed. Trimming trees helps prevent unstable limbs from falling and causing damage during winter storms.

12. Clear rain gutters and downspouts one last time. If more leaves have fallen since the last time your gutters were cleaned, be sure to have them cleared out one last time before winter. Leaves left clogging gutters and downspouts can cause water and ice to pool, potentially causing damage to your siding or even leaks.