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Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

It seems more likely these days to hear of people downsizing their homes than to hear of companies downsizing businesses — and the connotations are getting more and more positive. Moving away from a large house, where maintenance is expensive and stuff seems to magically accumulate in the black hole of the basement, can be a really good thing, but getting from here to there is not so easy. How do you decide what to bring with you and what to leave behind? How and where can you sell all of your excess stuff? And how can you find a smaller place that still meets your needs?
Moving Forward

Realize you'll need to alter your habits. A small home, condo or apartment does not offer the vast storage possibilities of a larger house
— which can actually be a benefit. No more digging through that dusty attic or flood-prone basement to find the Christmas lights when everything you need is at hand. Of course, that also means you must be vigilant about not bringing home new stuff without considering where it will go. You may want to adopt a one-in, one-out policy, letting go of a similar item for each new one you buy.