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Storage Tricks for Those Who Love Their Stuff

I love my stuff and want to surround myself with all my glorious bits and bobs and keepsake treasures every hour of every day. And I buy things because I adore them — from folksy vintage tins and battered picture frames to pretty glass bottles and old postcards — not really knowing where each piece will go when I get home.

That’s not to say I can’t get through the front door for fear of being buried under a mountain of old newspapers (I’m not that bad), but I could certainly do with a little helping hand every now and again. If that sounds like you, then take a look at these storage tricks that will make a big difference to your stash.
Use your understairs space. If you have a spare open space under the stairs but don’t have the budget to commission a tailor-made storage hub with doors, try more creative ideas. Old crates and boxes turned on their sides can become rustic cubbyholes for stashing various odds and ends — and everything will make for a pleasingly eclectic display.

If this look is a little too unpolished for your taste, try revamping the crates with a lick of paint or lining them with pretty wallpaper offcuts.