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Room of the Day: Dividing a Living Area to Conquer a Space Challenge

Karinda Tolland and husband Donnacha had rented their early 20th century terraced house in the historic heart of Dublin for about five years before deciding to buy it in 2013 and transform it into their perfect home. With friends and family visiting from all over the world — Karinda is from Australia and met Donnacha while traveling — the two were keen to transform their dark, space-challenged house into a light, bright and sociable home.

“When I first came on board to tackle the ground floor, they’d already spent some money refreshing the space — painting the walls white and tiling the kitchen — but they needed some help with the layout,” says designer Roisin Lafferty. “It’s a compact house, so we had to find a way to reflect their personalities and passion for travel without overpowering it.” Karinda also had her heart set on a dining area, though they didn’t think they could fit one in.

“Dividing up the space was the biggest challenge,” Lafferty says. “I adopted a zoned approach to define the different living areas and we scaled back the size of the furniture and made it ourselves to fit the proportions of the room.”