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Play Tricks With Color in Your All-White Room

With so many colorful options for materials and paint these days, all-white spaces can feel stark and sterile for some of us. But there's an easy compromise for color lovers who still appreciate the crisp feeling of white: Add a splash of color. Sticking to one consistent, bold color in white rooms creates a statement that can't be missed. From master bedrooms to kitchens, all-white rooms make the perfect canvases for a pop of originality.
Accent with your favorite color. You've taken a bold leap into all-white decor, painting the walls, floor and furniture white. But don't stop there. Add a few splashes of your favorite color around the room, and watch your space come alive. Try to spread out your accents: The more spots of color you use, the more the eye will wander around the room.
Focus on wall art. Stark white walls, sheer white fabrics and sleek white furniture make this space feel like a luxury hotel room, but it's the picture on the wall that immediately catches your attention.

Take a risk and hang a favorite, colorful piece of art on a single wall in your all-white room. Hunt for something big and bold at your local galleries and studio tours, online art vendors, antique shops and even thrift stores.
Paint your furniture. Painting furniture is an easy and affordable way to instantly update a room. This room glows in all white, but the punchy turquoise dresser adds cheer to the serene space.

Experiment with something affordable, like a funky piece you found at a local garage sale. A gallon of colorful paint and some new hardware is all you need to create an instant conversation piece.

Diary of a dresser makeover
Embrace natural finishes. The painted furniture look doesn't suit all of us — especially if you want to preserve your antique or inherited furniture. Simply let your furniture's natural wood finish stand out on its own; the warm hue works just like a splash of bold color. Here, this beautiful corner cabinet steals the show, anchoring the room with its natural cherry finish.
Play with fabric. I love the look of white kitchens, but sometimes they can feel too plain and devoid of personality. It's easy to add style without switching out any major materials. This kitchen does a great job of playing with blues in the soft window treatment, upholstered barstools and counter accents for a cohesive look.
Paint your ceiling. Can't figure out where to put a splash of color in your all-white room? Look up! Paint your ceiling for a fresh, new look.

This vibrant canary yellow ceiling makes the entire room come alive. This paint application would work with just about any hue, but be careful when you choose your sheen. A glossy finish may reflect light around the room too much; a matte or eggshell finish may work better.
Highlight staple furniture pieces. Matching white chairs would've made this all-white room look too washed out. I love how this homeowner took a different approach and selected bold chairs that instantly set this design apart. If you're ready to embrace this style, using a bright red hue like this will turn your white space into an instant showstopper.
Pay attention to tiny details. This room looks all white from floor to ceiling at first glance, but it does have some tiny timeless details that make all the difference. The slight band of green on the bed's coverlet coordinates with the pillow on the chair and the natural elements outside.