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How to Choose the Right Exterior Color

Since the exterior is the biggest and most visible part of your home, choosing its color is a decision you want to be sure about. Unlike with a living room wall or front door, it's not easy to change it if you decide you don't like it.

But it's not always easy to narrow down the choices. Are you a red person? A yellow person? How can you be sure? Here are some of our best exterior color palette tips and links to help you find out which color will work best for your home.
How to start. Take inspiration from your home's architecture, other exterior colors, the surroundings and your personality to narrow down your color choices.

Clues to Finding the Right Color for Your House
5 Easy Tips for Choosing Your Exterior Paint Palette
Red. Although some might think certain shades of red are best suited for classic barns, this vibrant hue can add a classic punch of color to any home. Small doses of red might work best for some styles, but if you love this color, don't be afraid to go all out.

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Yellow. A yellow exterior doesn't have to look light and sunny — unless you want it to. While some yellow exteriors look right out of a fairy tale, others can feel incredibly sophisticated. A yellow with more neutral undertones works surprisingly well with many trim colors, while brighter yellows can look great on a front door.

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Brown. Brown homes don't have to be boring. Rich chocolatey shades, stone-inspired beiges and reddish cedar hues can help ground a home to its environment.

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Gray. Gray's wide range of hues makes it a great fit for house exteriors in all styles. This basic neutral can be warmed up or cooled down to work with just about any accent color. Play with bold oranges and greens for a midcentury modern home or stick to basic white trim and black accents for a more traditional house.

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White. There's a reason white is such a classic exterior house color — it fits just about every home style. White can also be a dramatic choice, especially if you live in a lushly landscaped area where a bright white home will stand out.

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Black. While all-black house exteriors catch the eye just as much as white, they have an edgier look than white. Leave the trim white for a more timeless look or go fully black to truly stand out.

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Multicolored. While many modern homes seem to veer more toward neutrals, the homes during the second half of the 19th century embraced bright, multicolored exterior palettes. Different colors helped to highlight the incredible details on these homes. Multicolored palettes can still be found on beautifully detailed homes today, like this one.

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Don't forget the front door. Since door color can be changed out pretty easily, try going bold and using it as an exterior accent.