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How to Add Color if You’re Color Shy

How to Add Color if You’re Color Shy

Here’s how to break into the world of color without breaking a sweat

When talking about adding color to a home, many people tense up. That’s because what immediately comes to mind when you say “color” is bright, bold, eye-popping hues. If that’s not your thing, then of course you’re going to get heart palpitations imagining your home swathed in searing orange and electric green.

But adding color is about so much more than shock. By working with a palette you’re comfortable with, no matter how neutral, muted or beige it is, you can add a variety of colors and still feel at ease. Here are some of my favorite ways to toss some new hues into your home without feeling thrown for a loop.
Combining patterned pieces with those in a combination of neutral tones (and some metallics) can create a colorful-feeling space with very little color at all.

Notice how in this space, besides the leafy greens, the only other bright hues are found in small doses in the pillow fabrics, and yet the overall effect is that of a rich and varied palette — totally livable but thoroughly colorful.