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Going Bold With Just Enough Color

If I could write this ideabook in color, I probably would. Color almost always captures the mood, the personality and the energy of the space you are creating, and even more that of the creator. You can tell a lot about people from the way they dress, the color of their shoes or the print on their shirt. A house is no different — color both inside and outside the home will provide you with a glimpse of the type of person who lives there. After all, what we wear is a reflection of who we are, and how we use color in our homes most certainly reflects what we want our houses to be.

So what do you want to tell the world? And how much color should be used? Well, the amount of color depends on what mood you are trying to set or what personality you are trying to convey. Did you know that red raises the energy in a room, while green and blue are restful, serene and relaxing colors? Or that purple is associated with sophistication, drama and luxury, while black is the color of authority and power and, at the same time, stylish and timeless? Color is an individual preference and will not always be universally liked, and too much of a color can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. The tips below will show you how to use color with restraint to create a beautiful home.
Color by day and night. Choosing the right color and the amount of color to use both inside and outside a house is not easy, and that’s why professionals are the go-to people — they have the experience to showcase not only your house but your personality as well, and create just the right mood.

Here the experts at Interiors By Darren James used not only color but light to create the right mood for this amazing poolside setting. Did you know that individual colors look completely different under a different light? The contrast can be amazing. Taubmans has a color lighting tool on its website — you can select a color and instantly see how it changes under the influence of different lighting.