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Family Digs In for a Chic New Kitchen and Dining Area

Andrea and Adam Freeman adopted a gradual approach when it came to renovating their Edwardian family home in Kingston, a suburb of London. After they moved in a decade ago, the Freemans tackled the loft conversion as well as other light renovation work on the property, which they share with their three teenage children and pet dog. But 10 years is a long time, and when Andrea’s home baking business, Andi Freeman Cakes, started to grow quickly a few years ago, the family realized they needed more space.

“Andrea and Adam had spent years getting their house exactly how they wanted it, so they didn’t want to move,” says designer Siobhan Casey. “Instead they decided the best solution was to dig down to create a basement for a new family kitchen and dining area that would then free up the existing kitchen for Andrea’s custom cake business.” The couple wanted the basement to be the new hub of the home, where the sociable family could entertain and spend time together.