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DIY Painting Project: A Colorful Front Door

Temperatures are dropping and days are growing shorter, but that doesn't mean your outdoor projects have to come to a halt — yet. From plantings to quick and easy home updates, autumn is the perfect time to tackle those final exterior projects before the last leaves fall and the doldrums of winter set in.

One of the most impactful and budget-friendly changes you can make to your home is to create an inviting entrance with a few coats of paint. Take inspiration from this colorful season and give your home a fresh new look by painting your door.
Whether you lean traditional, modern, eclectic or somewhere in between, there's a hue that'll help brighten up your home.
Our basic white door lacked personality and was one of the last things on our summer to-do list that we needed to tackle. With several sunny days in the forecast and a few coats of paint, I gave our front porch some much needed curb appeal.
Before you start painting, give your door a good cleaning — whether that's a pressure wash or just a good old-fashioned scrub-down. Scrape or sand off any chipping paint and fill any dents or dings with putty, then sand the surface to a smooth finish.
Open the door and place a drop cloth underneath. Use a high-quality brush; my go-to is the 2-inch angled Purdy Cub brush. Although I prefer the finish of a brush, you can also use a smooth-finish roller.

It's also worth investing in a good-quality exterior paint. I used Behr's Marquee Exterior Paint in a semigloss finish. The color is similar to Behr's California Poppy; it gives a fun twist to our Clark + Kensington Seal Point gray exterior.
If your door has a window pane, apply painter's tape around the edges of the mullions. Remove or tape off the door hardware for easy painting.
I always start with the door panels — painting the moldings first and then the center — and then work my way around the door.

Tip: Don't oversaturate your brush. Multiple thin, even coats are the key to a flawless finish.
Leave your door open while the paint dries. Get started early in the day so your door can fully dry before you have to lock up at night. Apply additional coats the following day(s) to give your door a durable finish.
Notice any running paint? Don't touch mistakes until the paint has dried. Then sand drips smooth with a fine-grit sandpaper. Give the door another coat of paint after sanding. Let it dry and cure before accessorizing your door.