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Design Workshop: Cool Lighting Tricks

Our dominant sense as humans is sight. We’ve evolved a finely tuned awareness of light levels around us and assigned them meanings — the warm afternoon sun, a cool and snowy sky, a candlelit table — all of them connected to human emotion. Architecture invokes light to play on these emotions, to render the scale and mood of our spaces, and to create functional places in which to live.

Good lighting designs balance three primary types of light: ambient, task and accent. Architects and designers make lighting decisions based on the needs of individual spaces and how to tip that balance to achieve certain effects. Here are a few cool tricks worth considering for your next project.
Lead with light. Here an embedded linear light draws a line to the home’s entry. Vertical windows at the corners wash the walls with light, and the interior windows suggest a welcoming home.

Designers think about the differences between night and day and how lighting will reveal those differences. This walkway comes alive at night because of a small, thoughtful insertion in a simple walkway.

Thinking outside of the normal bounds of common experience can yield exciting results; with a few simple gestures, this project offers proof.