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A Place of His Own: Boy's First Bedroom

Let’s face it, a boy’s bedroom is simply the first iteration of a future man cave. Take my oldest grandson, Matia, who is 10. The first time my son laid him in my arms, it was mutual love at first sight, and he and I have been best buds ever since.

Matia has twin sisters who, although he loves them dearly and defends them fiercely, are nonetheless the bane of his existence. So when his family moved to a bigger home and he got his own bedroom, it was a banner day. His very first act was to create a sign for his door that stated “No sisters allowed” (only not that politely).

His second act was to telecommunicate his need for a desk from the Seattle area, where he lives, to Santa Rosa, California, where we live. Message received; I scoured our local thrift stores for a perfectly ugly student-size desk. When I found one, I plunked down $10, took it home, painted it a deep Newport blue and then decoupaged it with his favorite characters from The Avengers. The Hulk climbs across the face of the desk pedestal, practically pulsating. Thor stands with his hammer high on the desktop, and Captain America’s stars march across the pencil drawer. It is actually very cool, and I was inordinately proud of myself.

When we drove it up to Seattle and put it in Matia’s room, he was ecstatic. Now his football jerseys hang above it, and even though you can never see the top because it is always covered with Matia-only-knows-what, it is the centerpiece of his room.

A boy’s bedroom is the one place in the world where his enthusiasms can be prominently and graphically represented; his colors, his sports, his books, his passions. As you will see from the rooms below, you can spend a lot or you can spend a little. If the small man in your life is fortunate enough to have his own room, share some of these ideas with him and watch his face light up.