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9 Ways to Boost Winter Curb Appeal

For those of us living in cold climates, our homes (at least the outsides) tend to look a little sad once the trees have lost their leaves. And if you are trying to sell your home in winter, it can be especially challenging, because most of the usual curb appeal tricks (add pots of fresh flowers; landscape) don’t apply. That’s why I’ve rounded up nine elements to add to boost curb appeal even when there is snow on the ground and not a flower in sight.
9. Driveway lighting. If your home is set back from the street, seeing it in the evening may be a challenge without a little extra help. Add a few driveway lights — on the ground level if you get no snow or up higher on posts if you do — to remedy the problem. Welcoming lights leading the way to your door will beckon warmly from the road, showing visitors the way.