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9 Fun Ceiling Colors to Try Right Now

I’m always on the lookout for creative ways to sneak fun color into a client’s home. It can be tough to pull off an intense color on all four walls of a room without making the space feel small, dark and claustrophobic, so I tend to prefer injecting high-voltage hues in smaller bits and pieces, or in unexpected ways. It’s no secret now that a bold ceiling color is a great way to set the tone in a room and draw the eye upward and around the space. But choosing the right bold color is crucial. Here are some of my favorite bold ceiling colors right now along with suggestions for how to make them work in your home.
If you think this particular deep orange hue might drive you nutty in your kitchen or living room, try it on the ceiling of a small deck overhang instead, or in a guest bathroom or powder room. It would add a nice punch of color in an unexpected area of the home.