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8 Sick-Day Activities to Get Healthy at Home

It happens every year about this time when the temperatures start to dip: sniffles, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose and aching muscles. It's cold and flu season, and if you catch whatever is going around when it comes around, make sure to stay home and get some rest. Don't be tempted to just "power through" a cold. Staying home is the fastest way to get better while also preventing the spread of germs to others.

It has already happened at my house. I recently had my youngest son stay home with a cold. So, I cleared my schedule and hung out with him for the day. "Mom, I like staying home when I'm sick," he said, halfway through the day. "I know. Most people do," I replied.

In this holiday season with busy schedules and crowds, you might find yourself under the weather. Stay home and let yourself heal. Here is a list of sick-day activities to get you through the worst of it. Stay healthy!
1. Make soup. Just finished a kitchen remodel? Good. Now make soup. It's not just an old wives' tale. Having soup, especially straight broth, can reduce congestion and help prevent dehydration.
2. Take a hot bath. Taking a bath in that new claw-foot tub (or any tub) can help with aching muscles. I also find a bath helpful if I have the chills from a cold. Use a nice aromatherapy candle for ultimate relaxation while you're soaking.
3. Read a book. Some people find staying home sick incredibly boring. Well, here's your chance to catch up on that novel you've been wanting to read. Find a cozy chair, put on some slippers and read until you get sleepy.
4. Play a board game. This is a good sick-day activity for kids and adults, since it can be done in bed. Some games, like Monopoly and Scrabble, can go on for hours.
5. Snuggle up and watch a movie. Grab a blanket and a good movie. Since you have all day, use that TV room you just finished decorating. Make it a double feature.
6. Make tea. Tea is especially soothing for sore throats. Mint tea with honey and lemon really helps congestion. Mint tea is also a balm for an upset stomach.
7. Listen to music and take a nap. Good old-fashioned sleep is one of the best things for a cold. Turn on some calming music and climb inside that custom bedding you just bought. Beds are for sleeping, not just holding throw pillows. (However, you can sleep on throw pillows too.)
8. Do nothing. Really, when was the last time you did nothing? Pick a nice corner of your home. How about that cozy chair or chaise you spent so much time deciding on? Just sit there and do nothing. Let your body heal.