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5 Ways to Go Bold With (Almost) All White

You've heard it all before. Add color for punch! Give your space life with color, color, color! White is boring! Though the sentiments may be true for many, there is always a place for white. White is refreshing, relaxing and the classic perfect canvas.

While I agree that color can certainly bring vibrancy to a space, white is not without its own particular charms. Get inspired by some rooms that use white as a background for bold and quiet colors — and as a canvas for intricate design.
1. Layer textures in a white scheme. A white-on-white theme gets added layers of texture from a variety of whites and creams. This nursery has level after level of deeper and creamier whites for a perfectly cozy space.
2. Add contrast with bold accent colors. For a modern look, layer bright whites with tiny pops of color. Any color will work, but bright oranges, reds and yellows are especially vibrant.
A bold, blue floor in one small section of a mudroom turns a normal room interesting and quirky.
White, white, white, white, white, stop — teal! White can lure you into complacency and then — bam — introduce color to shock you off your feet.
White encases this room, but the orange in the bedding takes the look straight to modern with one little swipe of color.
3. Add interest with quiet accents. White chairs. White table. White hutch. White walls. White accessories. You would think the look would get boring, but the contrast of a well-oiled wood floor and hints of pastels make the room a shabby-chic paradise.
When a space is outfitted in white head to toe, it might be boring without a twist. A quiet rug in muted tones is just the ticket to keep this space both calm and interesting.
4. Accent intricate designs. Interesting architecture becomes a study in shapes when done in a white-on-white scheme. Instead of being busy, the designs appear more intricate and slide into one another when given coats of cleansing white.
White allows textures and shapes to sing in a quiet way. In this simple bedroom, the scalloped edge of the blanket gets attention because it is the only "moving" line in the space. In a room full of color and distractions, that simple, beautiful line would be lost.
5. Add a little contrast. A bathroom is the perfect space for a multitude of whites. Easily cleaned and giving the space a fresh feel, white towels and accessories perfectly blend into spa-like white surroundings. One solid frame of deeper color around the mirror is all the contrast this room needs. The "silence" of the room allows you to focus on the framed views of the trees outdoors.
contemporary dining room by Iris
by Iris
by Iris
Here is another example of a white room with white furnishings that utilizes just a hint of deeper brown and black to accent the starkness of the white. This classic color combination reads "clean but well-lived in." There is a reason it is a classic!

Whether you are adding white to a room or subtracting color from a space, consider the benefits of white. The perfect "noncolor" for design elements and the perfect canvas for surprising color stories, white might just be the color you were looking for after all.