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5 Places to Love Corrugated Metal in Your House

Typically used on roofs, garages and sheds, corrugated metal has traditionally been thought of as a humble outdoor-only material. But as people increasingly seek sustainable materials and more creative ways to express their personal style in their interiors, corrugated metal has emerged as an offbeat alternative to drywall.

Corrugated metal’s flexibility, both physical and aesthetic, means lots of options for inside use: ceilings, walls, staircases and furniture, for starters. The material is also available in an array of finishes and sizes to harmonize with a gamut of styles — from rustic to industrial.
Painted finishes are popular as well. Razvan Teodorescu at Steelogic Metal Systems notes that prepainted steel panels and zinc-coated panels, such as Galvalume, do not need to be primed prior to painting. However, galvanized panels do need a primer specifically for steel before you can paint them.