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what's for dinner?

Sound familiar?

Forget the weekday dinner frenzy and let chef Jeff Van Geest of Aurora Bistro provide the answer.

With the new $49 "Your Food, Your Wine" menu, you get three courses, three paired glasses of B.C. wine, and one relaxed weekday dinner (with no dishes!).

In the bright and friendly dining room, watch as post-office suits and house-poor Main Street hipsters mix and mingle over local dishes like wild hop soup and Bison sausages on celeriac purée.

Best of all, you get to sample whatever's freshest on the market that week—not what's lurking in the depths of your fridge.

The "Your Food, Your Wine" menu is offered Monday through Thursday at Aurora Bistro, 2420 Main Street (at 8th), 604-873-9944.

To preview next week's menu, visit