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4 Storage and Style Ideas in Top Laundry Rooms of Spring 2020

Whether you’re a fan of doing the wash or would prefer to never see another dirty sock in your life, you can make the task more pleasant with an attractive and functional laundry room. Here are four great ideas for making your laundry room a more beautiful and practical space.

1. Stylish Tile

Tile is a durable and stylish detail to introduce to laundry rooms. Here, Spanish-style tiles coordinate beautifully with dramatic blue cabinets to bring lively color and pattern to a laundry room and mudroom from Plain and Posh in Clarendon Hills, Illinois.

A gold-hued bar for drying clothes is a practical, functional and stylish element and picks up on the color of the faucet and the gold detailing of the cabinet pulls.
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This laundry room from Jane Henderson Interior Design in Ann Arbor, Michigan, employs bold tile for the flooring and simple white rectangular tiles laid out in a herringbone pattern for the wall. A pretty shade of blue on the cabinetry and open shelving brings a softness to the space.

Henrietta Heisler Interiors in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, used blue-and-white tiles as an eye-catching feature in this elegant laundry room. The room also includes some smart functional choices, including bumped-out cabinets above the washing machine and dryer that allow for easier access and increased storage. Open shelving next to the cabinetry creates space for the air vent on the back wall.

2. Dedicated Space for Laundry Baskets

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, baskets can quickly take up the available walking area in your laundry room, making it hard to move around and causing tripping hazards. The low open shelving in this room by Meadowlark Design+Build in Ann Arbor, Michigan, gets around that problem with dedicated space for two laundry baskets, plus room for two more on the floor beneath the shelf.

Inspired Closets Vermont tackled the problem with open cubbies for each basket in a laundry space in Burlington.

And Normandy Remodeling in Chicago planned for six deep fabric baskets neatly tucked beneath closed storage to accommodate several family members or multiple categories of items to wash.

3. Elegant Materials and Decorative Touches

Who says a laundry room can’t feel high-end? The lovely countertop material in this room from Everything Home in Carmel, Indiana, elevates the space. Decorative objects and art on the open shelving help the area feel styled and intentional, though the shelving could also be repurposed as practical storage when needed.

This room in Brisbane, Australia, from Cape Cod Residential feels more sophisticated and complete thanks to the framed art and pretty potted plant.

4. Clean Minimalism

A laundry room can be designed in any style to fit the aesthetic of your home. That said, this contemporary room in Melbourne, Australia, from Savvy Interiors by Design definitely gives off a clean vibe, and it comes with practical benefits for a room you want to keep clean. Flat-front cabinets and large-format tiles are easy to clean because there are fewer cabinetry ridges and grout lines.