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prescribed dose - berry beauty

You need eight hours of sleep, a healthy bod and a fountain of youth to look your best. If all this sounds as unattainable as George Clooney, fret not: sometimes you can always get what you want.

Our World Network is a local company with three super herbal supplements that will fuel your body in a healthy, natural way.

Stay fresh and young with sips of Youth Juice. Made from seven organic berries from the Okanangan and two marine vegetables from the Pacific Ocean, this anti-aging potion is chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals plus cancer-preventing Ellagic acid.

If you worked hard to burn off your post-break-up weight (he so wasn’t worth it), stay slim with Skinnees. These all-natural supplements boost energy levels, increase the body’s fat burning ability and help reduce overeating. Skinnees also target the stress-induced Cortisol hormone, which is linked to the dreaded “muffin top” abdominal fat.

And don’t let your busy days turn in to restless nights. Herbal Sleepees are a non-habit forming sleep aide to help you get restorative shut-eye. Sleep tight as visions of Clooney dance in your head (whatever happened to good old fashioned Botox, Dexatrim and downers?).

Learn more about and order Youth Juice, Skinees and Sleepees contact Our World Network at 604-375-5802,, or visit

Product Sampling and Business Overview on March 28 at 1 p.m., 1120-1095 W. Pender St., RSVP to 604-375-5802.