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3 Ways to Revel in Summer Garden Sweetness

It’s finally here. Every morning, before sunrise, the tree canopy ripples in birdcalls. Dew speckles grasses and flowers, each plant cascading in sparkles as the sun crests the fence. A red admiral butterfly dances in seemingly erratic patterns as it follows the spindly trail of a flower’s scent all the way to the source — an early coneflower. 

Before the mosquitoes become unbearable and the chigger nymphs stalk our bare feet and legs, it’s time to fully experience the garden we’ve been planning and building this spring, and explore what we might consider improving. Which plant combinations are living up, or down, to our expectations? Is wildlife using the plants and design elements — how and when? Part of being a successful gardener is stepping back to observe the interplay of life we’re fostering.