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3 Ingenious Ways With Wall Cabinets

How many empty cabinets do you have in your home? If you’re like me, you don’t have a square inch to spare. A well-designed bank of cabinetry organizes and conceals the everyday clutter of life, helps us live more efficiently and is an aesthetically pleasing element integral to the architecture of a home.

Let’s look at three distinctly different approaches to integrating cabinetry into a home.
We often think of furniture as freestanding and object-like. Built-in cabinetry, too, can mimic the lighter properties of furniture. In this way it can be richly functional and efficient in a small space, not overwhelming it but supplementing the functional priorities.

The bed platform in this loft combines the functions of sleeping and storage, and defines a raised private space within the larger public space. It manages to do this as an open furniture-like piece that floats in the room.

In all of these examples, the cabinetry feels neither overwrought nor tacked on — rather, integral to the architecture. And the resulting spaces are all the better for it.