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Topper Shopper


Topper Shopper

Criminals love a good chapeau (see Bonnie & Clyde, Al Capone), and while we aim to walk the straight and narrow we can't help but steal their stylish caps.

Where we'll be buying them however, is the new Goorin Brothers hat shop that's popped up in Yaletown, the first of its kind in Canada. Its Hamilton Street space tips its hat to where those wicked wearers of yore would have frequented, an old saloon or gentlemen's club, with rugs, aged wooden floors, and leather and velvet chairs.

As for the show toppers themselves, the wide-brimmed Bella ($65) and the handmade Clockwork bowler ($140) are the two hats we'd get in trouble for.

Goorin Brothers, 1188 Hamilton St., Vancouver, 604-683-1895,