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The Ultimate Bride's Guide


The Ultimate Bride's Guide

If our Facebook news feed over the holidays was any indication, it's going to be a banner year for summer weddings. For those soon to be betrothed, we have a few recommendations to help plan the big day.

James Moes is a young shutterbug with talent in spades. Not restricted to one style, we've seen him produce both modern and retro shots from the same shoot, and the stealthy way he captures the after party is unparalleled.


If your “something old” happens to be an heirloom ring handed down to you that just doesn't suit your style, consider having Jessie Turner modernize it. She'll take your old jewels and melt down bygone gold to craft a new ring you love.


The new Get Fresh Flowers shop on Davie Street may be small, but packs a powerful punch with beautiful bouquets and vases. Bring in your ideas and they'll work with you to create something fragrant and fashionable.


Have your cake look good and eat it too with The Uncommon Cake. Or get creative and give guests custom-made cookies instead. Whether you're going for elegant or whimsical, baker and decorator Jill Shumka is a whiz with confections.


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