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20 of the Coziest Dining Rooms

To me, "cozy dining room" means a traditional, compact room with stone walls, a roaring fire, a wrought iron chandelier, upholstered chairs and a round wooden table atop an Oriental rug, preferably located in a Tuscan villa. Easy — we have a lot of beautiful examples of those on Houzz. However, that's not all there is to cozy. Exposed brick and rustic beams are not a requirement. Cozy can take many shapes and styles. I've combed Houzz to find a diverse collection of dining rooms with a cozy feel. Warning: Do not turn this into a drinking game where you have a sip every time I write "cozy." That would be very bad for your health.
You ask me for cozy, I imagine this rustic yet refined room. The fire, the comfortable chairs, the chandelier, the exposed brick and beams. I could stop right here and claim that this is the ultimate cozy dining room, but I shall press on and offer you more.
This dining area is in a stone farmhouse in France. It doesn't get any cozier than this, except maybe if it were in Italy, because then the risotto would be even better.

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Coziness can mean having to make at least four people get up in order for you to leave the table. While this sounds inconvenient, it's just part of the price paid for clever space saving, and it's really not that big a deal.
Coziness can also take the form of sitting shoulder to shoulder with your dinner companions. This means you're all very close, you really like one another and you're having a great time.
Contemporary and cozy are not mutually exclusive. Warm woods, textures, colors and lighting lend a cozy ambience here, while Cherner dining furniture adds a dollop of midcentury modern style.
This transitional dining room is clean lined and uncluttered, but upholstered chairs, artwork, a round table, exposed ceiling beams and a mix of wood finishes all contribute to the coziness.
This is the home that launched a thousand blog posts. Although Victoria of sfgirlbybay has moved a few times since this was her home, many of us fell in love with her comfy bohemian modern San Francisco apartment with a copper-clad fireplace, schoolhouse chalkboard, farmhouse table and tulip chairs, and we've been following her around ever since the first time we saw it.

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This dining room is bodacious and glam, but is cozied up by sheepskin throws on the chairs, great dimmable overhead lighting and bamboo shades.
This Spanish colonial dining room is very sophisticated and warm at the same time, thanks to spool furniture, a candle-like chandelier, rich red walls and an antique rug.
The style of this room is also Spanish colonial, but it's very different from the previous example. In this room the intricate woven textiles on the chairs, the honey-colored wood table and bench, the faux-textured walls and the rugs, drapes and lighting all add coziness in a much lighter color palette.
This dining room is at once cozy yet a bit austere. The wainscoting, cheerful wallpaper, drapes and chandelier bring in warmth without also bringing in the clutter.
Sometimes a dining room is simply a small space where two people can enjoy a meal together. In this comfy gatehouse, two armchairs and a table found a pleasant corner within an open space.

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I'm not sure if it's the rag rug, the cuckoo clock or the proudly displayed collections, but this dining room feels like a spot where a family loves to gather casually and comfortably.
Though I don't usually associate bright white with coziness, this eclectic room feels like a happy place that draws people in.
Again, lots of white doesn't necessarily make one think of coziness, but slipcovered chairs, candles overhead, a fireplace, rustic beams and a natural floor give this room an intimate vibe.
The dining room and library combo is a surefire way to make a comfortable multipurpose room. This one gets bonus coziness points for heavy drapes and cushy host and hostess chairs.
Extra layers bring extra coziness to this dining room. The table is layered in two tablecloths, the chairs are layered in fringe-trimmed fabric, the mantel is layered with china, plants and candles ... even the chandelier is layered in greens and shades.
There's something about a rustic aesthetic that makes a room feel tucked far away from the rest of the world in a homestead or camp kind of way. Natural materials like large stones and twiggy wood pieces bring in an away-from-it-all vibe; dark wood ceilings and ocher walls finish off the look.
I cannot seem to write about dining rooms without including this photo. While the space is relatively large, the long dining sofa, wingback host and hostess chairs, red dining chairs, candle chandelier, rug, window trim and soft wall color make it unique and oh so inviting.
I'll end with the kind of room I described at the beginning. I'm just a sucker for a round wood table in a dining room with stone walls, exposed beams, upholstered chairs and of course, a roaring fireplace.