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20 of the Coziest Bedrooms

When the short days and the chill of winter are upon us, it's time to cozy up the bedroom. Soft rugs, table and wall lamps, throws, throw pillows, rustic touches, quilts, puffy down duvets, antiques, sloped ceilings, dormer windows, custom moldings, fireplaces and tight but comfortable proportions are snug and inviting touches in the coziest bedrooms on Houzz. I hope you'll glean inspiration for cozying up your own bedroom from these wonderful nests.
A curtained-off nook carved out of rich wood is likely a favorite sleeping spot in this house.

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Jolts of red in the toile bedding, quilt, plaid rug and lacquered door warm this comfortable bedroom. A stone fireplace, an overstuffed reading chair and a traditional farmhouse fourposter bed complete the cozy room.
Ceilings play a big part in bedroom coziness. In this case the small loft space underneath the pitched roof transforms into a sweet sleeping space.

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Of course, autumnal colors and warm, natural wood are not cozy necessities; scale, proportion, finishes and furniture layout create snuggley spaces. This cottage-chic bedroom has just enough room for the bed and nightstands. The exposed beams and puffy duvet create an inviting small bedroom.
Attic nooks, especially with knotty wood tongue and groove ceiling planks, can be comfortable sleeping aeries.
This farmhouse bedroom envelops sleepers in antique white with the soft linens, just-right ivory walls and wood finishes on the bed and wall boards.
The narrow layout of this room, along with its slanted ceiling, creates a perfect spot for bedding down.
A dormer window and slanted walls create a snug nook for a bed in this Cape Cod–style room. Antiques and layers of bedding make it inviting.

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This longstanding Houzz favorite cozies up with a wall-hung quilt serving as a headboard.
These cuties told me that this antique iron bed is their favorite naptime spot.
Nestling a full-size bed into a corner always creates a feeling of coziness, though admittedly, it's not the most convenient layout for a couple. Overhead reading lamps add to the comfortable ambience.

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A unique tradition in Newfoundland, Canada, is a bed in the kitchen. I've heard from several Newfoundlers that they remember fighting over who got the fun privilege of sleeping in the kitchen bed.

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A bunk room provides unpretentious roosts for lots of people. These rooms are especially popular in vacation cabins, so as many friends and family members as possible can sleep over.
Just because a bedroom is large or has a high ceiling, that doesn't mean it can't be cozy. A warm wood ceiling, a fieldstone fireplace and layers of soft textiles (drapes, rug, upholstery and bedding) make this room a comfortable nest.
Log cabin walls and handmade quilts let you nestle in like an American homesteader.
Woodsy style and just enough room to scoot by next to the bed ensure a warm winter's nap.
Natural textiles like wicker and rattan are cozy cottage touches.
Bedroom moldings, like this wainscoting, also lend cozy proportions.
Wide-planked hardwood floors and rough-hewn touches beef up the coziness factor in this traditional bedroom. This room has at least three cozy spots: the antique bed, the chaise longue and the desk nestled in the dormer.
This room combines traditional and contemporary touches. An upholstered headboard and a pile of throw pillows in polka dots and toile hobnob with crisp shelves and light fixtures.