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14 Ways to Make Better Use of Bedroom Corners

Many of us have bedrooms where we have to make every bit of space work hard, including the corners. Check out these ideas for corner window seats, headboards, fireplaces, armoires and media cabinets, workspaces, bookshelves and chaises, as well as some fun designs for making good use of corners in kids' rooms, too.
Extend an upholstered headboard. This gives the bed a stronger presence. It's a good opportunity to get more mileage out of a fabric and create a daybed feel in the corner.
The idea also works with a larger bed and a leather headboard.

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Angle the bed in. According to feng shui principles, the bed should be placed where you can see the door. Angling a bed into the corner can solve this issue, giving clear views to the doors. From a practical standpoint, it also allows for some surface space behind the bed for lamps, reading materials and decorative accents.

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Tuck in a small fireplace. This is a cozy way to incorporate a hearth into a bedroom, and it saves lots of valuable wall space for windows, dressers, the bed and doors.
Let your bookshelves form an "L." This is an effective way to extend bedroom storage and display space in a tight bedroom. You can also nestle the bed into the same corner if necessary.
Extend window treatments. This provides continuity and enlivens potentially dead space with fabric and prints.
Add a work nook. We've debated whether or not a desk is a restful item to have in the bedroom, but for many it's a matter of necessity. The corner is an unobtrusive spot that helps keep your relaxation and work spaces separate. You can also use this idea for a dressing table; just add a tabletop mirror.
Create a reading nook. Place a chaise or overstuffed armchair in the corner with a good lamp for settling in with a novel or that stack of catalogs that have been calling your name.
If your space is tight, look into corner chairs for a snug fit.
You can also use two chairs to create a spot for coffee and conversation. It can be a nice refuge where parents can connect away from the kids.
Open that sucker up. OK, OK, I admit, this is a dream-house scenario in a mosquitoless part of the world, but wow, this treehouse-like bedroom and its open corner are a darn good dream.
Nestle an armoire in. Depending on how it relates to your bed's placement, this can also be a great spot for hiding a bedroom TV.
Get creative with a wall mural. This clever tree incorporates bookshelves on two walls.
Conjure a special spot for curling up. Bookshelves and an oversize ottoman make a wonderful kid-size nook. Note the way the designer has added a roof across the top of this built-in. The same idea could be executed with beanbags on the floor and fabric across the top.
Place two single beds head to head. This bed setup is great for kids' sleepovers.
Similarly, you may have the two beds back up to a shared nightstand.