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JUNE 11TH, 2008


In 1956, Princess Grace Kelly appeared on the cover of Life stylishly concealing her baby bump with a structured, crocodile Hermès bag. The iconic photograph prompted Hermès to name the bag after her. We don't imagine she ever had to pay for a Kelly bag again.

And neither do you. In a manner of speaking.

Exploring the Hermès website (as we do), we discovered a do-it-yourself paper version of the legendary bag. With a click of the mouse and a few cuts and folds, you can have your very own Kelly, patterned or plain, so you can fashion your own colourful masterpiece.

While a paper purse may not replace the real thing, printed on a heavier cardstock it would be perfect for putting a small gift in for your favourite fashionista or for using as place cards for an all-girl dinner party (aren't you crafty).

After the intro, click on the "I want it, I'll have it!" icon.

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