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MAY 27TH, 2008


Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe may be wrong about a lot of things, but she's right about jersey clothing, and she won't travel without it.

Jersey's what you'll find at Gastown's newest fashion stop, Rubi & Kino, opened by designer Rubins Autila (Rubi) from Montreal. With a new baby boy (Kino) and a store opening within a week of each other, it's been a push (for his girlfriend at least!), but the silky, drape-y Lycra-jersey tops and dresses in silvery pinks, olives and fawny beige are the perfect thing to toss in your luggage this summer.

Now if only our faces were so good at resisting wrinkles.

Rubi & Kino, 486 W. Cordova St., Vancouver, 604-689-5288.

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