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12 Ways to Work Your Wardrobe

Bedroom Storage: 12 Ways to Work Your Wardrobe

Instead of letting the mess in your closet overwhelm you, tackle it head on with these smart and simple solutions

Do the items in your bedroom closet try to leap out and attack you every time you open the door? Have you already given up on ever finding your favorite shirt because it’s hidden behind a monstrous pile of balled-up scarves, stray socks and embarrassing novelty shirts? With a few easy, cheap and convenient space-saving solutions, you can rescue your closet from becoming a hopeless black hole and bring some order into one of the most-used spaces in your home. Say goodbye to the days of desperately dodging a mass of handbags raining down on you, and get ready to embrace an organized and harmonious storage area.
12. Use trunks. Old trunks are another stylish solution for seasonal clothes, such as thick coats and winter bedding, and can also double as seating or bedside tables.