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12 Home Stages That Put on a Great Show

In our technology-saturated world, we often turn to the TV, the computer or the video game console as soon as boredom strikes. Although all those screens have their conveniences, being your own source of entertainment can help spark creativity and up that all-too-rare family time. If you're a fan of family jam sessions, karaoke parties or self-produced plays, it might be time to create a home stage.

To get those creative juices flowing, you don't need an expansive space — all you need is a small corner in a playroom or basement and the outgoing personality of a performer. These colorful, fun stages will help bring out the kid in you, and who knows? It just might prepare your kids for future stardom.
This pretty-in-pink karaoke corner is a child's dream. The dress-up station lets her try on different personas while belting it out on a bright pink mic.
Make sure those guitar or drum lessons are paying off by letting your kids strut their stuff. This music room–playroom combo leaves plenty of space for adoring fans and works for homework time, too.
If you can go all out, turn your basement into a movie and music haven by creating a theater with a stage. The projector screen here moves up when not in use, leaving plenty of space for a concert or play, and the oversize sectional ensures the audience is comfy.
This studio with stage would bring out the artist in just about anyone. The platform lets kids model those dress-up clothes or strive for singing perfection.
Turn a bay window into a stage. Here the magnetic and chalkboard walls let kids personalize performances with drawings or concert signs.
This corner stage is a perfect place for rocking out.
A young dancer's dream, this playroom stage has plenty of room for kids to move around — and a big mirror so they can check their form. With so many pretty dresses nearby, little girls will love playing princess.
Go Hollywood with a slick black stage and a big band mural. It will put you in the mood to croon the night away.
With its crowd wall decal and microphone, this stage is the perfect karaoke spot. The track lighting and elevated platform ensure the spotlight stays on the performer. Now all that's needed is a real audience.
Complete with beanbags and red striped curtains, this fun little stage has plenty of room for kid-friendly entertaining. The nearby toy storage can also be used for play props and dress-up clothes.
Though not raised, this wood-laden space is perfect for putting on a show. The wide-open area has plenty of room for dancing and performing, while the built-in cabinets can store instruments and other equipment.
For those who don't appreciate a plain stage, this city-themed space fits the bill. The painted wall skyscape adds a unique dimension, while a small seating area lets admirers sit and enjoy the show — or watch TV if they (can't happen!) lose interest.