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12 Great Ways to Use Home Office Corners

Corners can be tricky, but you can trick them into making them work hard for you. So far we've looked at clever ways to make the most of corners in the kitchen and corners in the living room and family room. Today we'll tackle corners in the home office. Here's a peek at clever ways designers and homeowners have approached office corners, making them much more stylish and functional.
Angle shelves around the bend. Bookshelves that go 'round the bend make the most of a corner's storage potential. This creates a good spot in which to float a comfortable reading chair or chaise longue.
Stretch a panoramic view. A desk in front of a corner window gets a vast, uninterrupted view.
Nestle in a work area. A curved desktop counter gives smooth and easy access to file and office drawers as well as extra desktop space within arm's reach.

Tucking an office chair into the corner takes advantage of space where cabinet drawers would have been knocking into each other and creates extra leg room. This strategy also works great in a small space or in the corner of another room, like a kitchen or an office. The cabinets provide enough storage space to keep the office mess tucked away.
Add swivel chairs for a comfortable, versatile meeting space. When people dream of scoring that corner office, two sides with a view is what they are really after.

In this office, the desk and two comfortable chairs enjoy the corner views. Versatile swivel chairs let the lounger choose which way to face.
Take wall shelving up to the ceiling. This unique corner shelf by Jim Zivic corrals papers and supplies, using space all the way up to the ceiling. Extending the desktop to the corner adds work surface and allows the owner to enjoy the view out the window while hard at work.

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Here's another take on high corner office shelves.
A combination of shelf units and floating shelves articulates this corner and gives the back wall an open feeling.
Let two workspaces meet. This corner allows work partners to segregate their spaces.

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This office for two makes the most of both corners. Maybe they flipped for the one with the better view!
Angle in a desk. If you want to look out onto the whole office, nestle yourself into the corner with the desk facing out into the room. I also like this approach when a workspace is in the bedroom — you don't feel so imprisoned at your desk when you have a wide view of the whole space.

Angle shelves and cabinets into the corner behind the desk. This curved desk and angled built-in work well together.
Add a comfortable chair. Corners are a great spot for an extra armchair.
Create a cozy space for conversation. In true tic-tac-toe fashion, sometimes circle takes the square. The corner can be a good place to meet in comfortable armchairs, and a circular table can tuck into the corner in between.
You can always place chairs and tables in front of corner shelves. Note the way this rug placement takes a cue from the corner.
Install a fireplace. The worker bee in this room can enjoy the warmth from the adjacent desk; a lounger can enjoy the cozy view of the flames from the club chair across the room.

Conquering the Corner Fireplace
Choose hardworking furniture made for corners. Some desk units are made for corners, whether it's a large piece like this ...
... or a smaller corner desk.
Include a guest bed. If your home office doubles as a guest room, placing the bed in the corner is a great space saver. Also, having it in the corner makes it easier to transform it into a daybed, because there are two walls for throw pillows.

The danger in this setup is the temptation to take a nap in the middle of the workday.