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APRIL 18TH, 2008


Named for his son Sebastien, chef Francois Godbout opened Seb's Market Café after nearly a decade in the catering biz.

Delish Eggs Benny (choose your own sauce) on homemade biscuits, phenomenal French toast and killer coffee are served to loyal crowds seven days a week.

We love the friendly service, the bustling atmosphere and the quirky décor while the front-of-house market tempted us with fresh bread, organic oils and vinegars, kitchen gadgets and mouth-watering homemade pies.

If you encounter a queue, just order a coffee at the bar and people watch until your table is ready.

To be fair, we hear the lunch and dinner menus are equally to die for but at Vitamin V, breakfast just happens to be the most important meal of the day.

Just don't expect us to be there when it opens at 6:30.

Seb's Market Café, 592 E. Broadway, 604-298-4403,