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MARCH 31, 2008


No girl wants to give away her beauty secrets, but this one I just need to share.

If you've ever feared semi–permanent eyelash extensions, fear no more: Vivian Ko of Wink Beauty Lounge is the Michelangelo of the lash world.

Placing individual hairs on each eyelash with surgical precision, she custom blends your eyelashes to make them your own with 55 different sizes, types, lengths and colours to choose from.

You will never wear mascara again!

Wink Beauty Lounge, #12-712 Robson St., Vancouver, 604-696-WINK,


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Tasha Chiu

Guest Editor

Dishing the daily dose this week is CityTV's Live Eye reporter Tasha Chiu, our guest editor for Fashion Week. Now can we all be as gorgeous as you, Tash?

Generation Next

Project Runway

Channel Anna Wintour and get yourself to BC Fashion Week's Generation Next show this Thursday evening at the Chinese Cultural Centre.  Three designers will be showcased but only one can win.  Buy tickets here $25 ($30 at the door), and dress to impress daahling, everyone's watching.