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MARCH 24TH, 2008


Yes we sometimes splurge on designer lotions and potions, but there are plenty of inexpensive beauty favourites we wouldn't trade for all the Crème de la Mer in the world.

Herewith, our staff picks for tried-and-true drugstore beauty products.

Sarah Bancroft, Editor-in-chief
I love good old-fashioned Noxzema cleanser for its tingly clean smell and the fact it won't spill and drip when you are washing your face at 5 a.m. (used to be before bed, now that means upon getting up). Takes me back to my teens—in a good way.

Tara Parker Tait, Publisher
Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash has a calming smell and is gentle on sensitive skin. Good enough for baby, good enough for me.

Athena Tsavliris, Toronto Editor
Mitchum deodorant (strong enough for a man, probably not made for a woman) has to be the best b.o. buster around.

Marianne Wisenthal, Montreal Editor
I always carry a small tin of Vaseline in my bag which I use on my cuticles, my lips and to tame eyebrows and flyaways.

Maria Tallarico, Copy Chief and Production Manager
I use a dab of Olay face moisturizer on my lips at night. Works so well, lip balm is a thing of the past.

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