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11 Great Children’s Books About Home (and 2 Honorable Mentions)

Homes comes in many different shapes and sizes, and these kids’ books highlight the tallest, the smallest, the oldest and the silliest

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“The home should be the treasure chest of living,” said Le Corbusier. For children, their home is just such a treasure chest, as well as the setting of many adventures. It’s also their first introduction to architecture, and it leaves lasting impressions that will influence how they view their world. Below is a roundup of 11 engaging books that introduce children to homes real and imagined, near and far, and wacky and whimsical, but all wonderful in their own way.
Honorable mention from the poet’s corner:

“There’s a Polar Bear,
In our Frigidaire —
He likes it ’cause it’s cold in there.”

It’s hard to avoid giggling while reading Shel Silverstein’s simultaneously silly and smart poetry. His poems speak of moments familiar to children, and ones about home are sprinkled throughout each of his books. Whether it’s a messy room or a light in the attic, Silverstein gets to the heart of what kids see in their worlds.