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10 Rise-and-Shine Color Combos for Breakfast Nooks

The breakfast nook — it’s where you settle in with your first cup of coffee, wait for your toast to toast and read the paper on a Saturday morning. Shouldn’t it look as cheerful as you hope to be after downing your cuppa? From paint color ideas to cushions and accents, see if one of these 10 upbeat color combinations inspires a makeover for your breakfast nook.
10. Saffron and spice. Deep goldenrod yellow is an upbeat, spirited hue. The spicy tone of deep yellow works well with other spice-inspired hues, so try it with cushions in cinnamon, curry, mustard seed and clove. Walls painted saffron also make a wonderful base color for arrangements of artwork; finish your breakfast nook with framed artwork and objects hung gallery style