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Wild Texture: Crocodile Rocks

When I saw the crocodile embossed tile in the lead photo, I just flipped! I love the texture of crocodile skin and love finding great ways to incorporate its look into spaces.

This relishing of all things reptile began at an early age. When I was little, my mother had a pair of shoes and a purse that were crocodile — or maybe they were alligator — no way to tell because I couldn't see its nose. I was fascinated with them and would examine their texture, running my fingers over them. Fast forward several decades and I still love the stuff!

If you love the reptile texture of alligator and crocodile, but aren't sure how to use it, check out these great rooms and products for ideas.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering: I don't think anything shown here is actually from a real crocodile or alligator. If it isn't ceramic tile or fabric, most of what you see here is either stamped cowhide or textured vinyl. Real crocodile and alligator skins are much more expensive than stamped cowhide and also quite a bit smaller, so they are usually used for purses, shoes and wallets.
I think the crocodile texture on these tiles is just amazing! The texture would be good for keeping the floors from being slippery — although it does not keep them from being slithery (wink).
by AMI Designs
This close-up view really shows off the rich chocolate color and the scale of the pattern — get it? Scale? Okay, sorry, I'll lay off the puns. Couldn't resist.
by builder
The crocodile texture even looks great from all the way across the room.
by builder  
Gotta giggle just a little at the thought of the water being in the crocodile instead of the crocodile being in the water. The tub is covered in a croc-embossed leather skirting. Unique!
Using a crocodile pattern on this velvety upholstery adds a touch of the wild to this elegant dining room, but with more softness than the average crocodile possesses.
by Martin P. Mitchell, ASID
A crocodile-embossed leather headboard with nailhead trim adds real interest to this bedroom.
by Chris Jovanelly Interior Design
Crocodile embossed leather 4-piece ottoman [ Link ]
I was scouting at my local to-the-trade showroom and found this great four-piece ottoman with two sections in croc and two sections in smooth leather. A little croc goes a long way.
by Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR
Crocodile pattern leather lounge chair [ Link ]
This chair was right next to the ottoman. Are you furnishing a man's office? This would be the perfect executive chair. I puts out a vibe that lets you know this guy may be just a little dangerous!
by Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR
Putting the crocodile-embossed leather on a very curvy shape of chair and in yellow works very well for this elegant and feminine room. She might be just a little dangerous too.
by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID
Silver-Tone & Faux Leather Crocodile Room Divider - 3 Panels - $121.55 [ Link ]

Notice how changing the color gives the crocodile pattern a very different feel. In silver, this is pure Hollywood glamour.
Faux Croc Leather Table Lamp - $129.95 [ Link ]

If you'd like to try some crocodile in your space but aren't ready to commit to a large chair or tiling most of the room in the pattern, maybe a lamp base would be enough.
Everglades Tray - $29.95 [ Link ]

Or a little orange croc-embossed tray?
Mademoiselle Chair Cocco - $950.00 [ Link ]

Even Philippe Starck couldn't resist a little bit of crocodile texture on his Mademoiselle chair. And if it's good enough for Philippe Stark, it's good enough for me!

So, do you think you'll try to add a little crocodile to your home?