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To-Dos: Your June Home Checklist

May 21st, 2018
Summer officially begins June 20 this year, but why wait until then to get into the summer spirit? Get a jump-start by prepping your home and garden for warm weather, setting up the perfect drip-dry spot for beach towels, reorganizing the kitchen (hello, smoothie bar), and more. These 18 to-dos cover all the bases, so you can enjoy the season to the fullest.

3 Sizzling Color Palettes for Summer Gardens

May 20th, 2018
Color palettes can be powerful tools for creating a harmonious look among different areas of the landscape and setting a mood for the garden as a whole. Most hot-colored planting palettes that rely on deeply saturated reds, oranges, purples and pinks are considered energizing and have the bonus of being favored by pollinators. Have a look at the following three warm-season color palettes an ...

How to Save Money on Succulents

May 19th, 2018
Succulents are a fixture in gardens throughout the country, where their unique shapes and drought-tolerant qualities make them popular residents. Despite their popularity, people can be put off by their sometimes high price. The good news is that you don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy the beauty of succulents in your garden. All you need to do is wait until frost-free temperatures arr ...

How to Pack for a Move in a Weekend

May 18th, 2018
Packing for a big move does not have to take months. This may come as a shock, but in many homes, it can be done in a weekend or less. I’m speaking from experience on this one. The last time my family of four moved, we did it in a weekend. I’ve also helped many clients tackle the same challenge. 

Here are my top 12 tips on how to make the packing process quick and a little less painful.

11 Ways to Make an Impact With Color in a Room

May 17th, 2018
Often, adding color is one of the things homeowners are most afraid to tackle in their space. After all, it can be easy to love a paint chip or fabric sample in a store only to realize it’s overwhelming or yawn-inducing when applied in real life. But color can be fun and easy to add in just the right dose if you know where to look — and how to get a little creative. Here’s how.

7 Building Blocks for Creating Your Dream Nursery

May 17th, 2018
Planning the perfect nursery for your perfect little bundle of joy can be a daunting task. How do you want to welcome your baby into the world? As a world traveler, a princess, a space explorer, a lover of your favorite animated character — or would you prefer a black-and-white palette, bold colors or soothing monotones? The possibilities are endless. It can help to start with some basic gu ...

Make a Splash in Your Kitchen With a Waterfall Countertop

May 17th, 2018
When waterfall countertops first arrived on the design scene about six years ago, many designers thought they would be an ephemeral trend. In fact, they seem to be gaining momentum. 

Traditionally, a countertop is a horizontal surface that ends at the edge of the cabinets. With waterfall countertops, the material used on the horizontal surface continues vertically to the floor, essentially w ...

New This Week: The Stylish Kitchen Trend Showing Up Everywhere

May 16th, 2018
Earlier this year we predicted that satin brass hardware and finishes would be showing up in a lot of kitchens. The material pairs well with dark-colored cabinets against white and gray backdrops, as the following five new kitchens uploaded recently show. The trend isn’t geographically biased either; it’s making appearances in kitchens across the U.S. “I think we’ve seen such a rise in the ...

How to Choose a Dining Table Light

May 16th, 2018
The chandelier or pendant above your dining table isn’t always the only light fixture in the room — designers actually advise against having a single light source — but it probably will be the most visible and make the biggest impact. “Dining table pendants really center the space and give it a focal point, much like kitchen pendants do for counters and islands,” says interior designer Rayc ...

12 Design Tips From This Week That You’ve Got to Try

May 15th, 2018
Good design is all about the little things. A seemingly small decision or maneuver can pay off to create something big and captivating. Looking back on our articles for this week, we noticed design moves so clever that they make the entire room stand out. Consider including one of these ideas in your next project. And if something here grabs you, be sure to click the link to dive deeper int ...
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