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What You Do When There’s No One Around

“What if someone could see me now?” I often wonder this when I’m home alone, shuffling around the house in my shabbiest sweats, hoping I won’t have to answer the door for that delivery I’m expecting — or worse still, when I’ve just devoured a whole bag of chips in five minutes flat. We tend to keep quiet about our secret little indulgences, thinking we’re the only ones who let ourselves go occasionally when no one’s looking (everyone else, of course, does their taxes, learns Chinese or meditates). “I’m the only one who has these quirky habits, right?”

Well, no, actually. If we could be flies on the walls in the homes of Houzzers across the globe, we’d be able to witness marvelous things. Odd things, too, but marvelous nonetheless. Fortunately, many of our community members have shared their quirks, so now I don’t feel so different anymore — and, I hope, neither will you.