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Wallpaper in the Kitchen: Is It a No or a Go?

Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms; I’ve seen them all papered in the wildest of wallpaper patterns, but kitchens with wallpaper are hard to find. It’s understandable that people prefer a clean, calming aesthetic in the kitchen, but that shouldn’t mean wallpaper doesn’t stand a chance. In an effort to gather insight into this imposing question, I’ve collected the few photos of wallpapered kitchens to see how this marvel can actually work. 

Let’s start the discussion: Should we adhere to the general practice of avoiding wallpaper in the kitchen, or step outside the expectations and run to the local wallpaper retailer for a fresh and fun new look? You decide.

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I don’t think people would think twice about using a custom wallpaper design like this in their bathroom or even a bedroom, but many would have shied away from using it in the kitchen. Yet, it really feels original in this space, and it especially pops when complemented by the green island. See more of this colorful Colorado house
Let's get our feet wet with a small accent. When done right, wallpaper can have as much of an impact in small doses as it can covering an entire room. This designer slowly but surely began the transition into the kitchen by wallpapering the back of this shelving unit. I like it; it’s fresh and unexpected.
Now we’re moving into the actual kitchen space. A classic tile backsplash is juxtaposed with a graphic wallpaper in neutrals. It provides dimension to the white dishware on display, making them stand out. Note: Don’t use wallpaper for an actual backsplash. It will be covered in grease and food before you know it.
Ok, we’re unfolding our wings a little more with an accent wall. Notice how this kitchen still feels clean and calming, yet simply colorful and more texturized.
Another great wallpapered accent wall. This otherwise fairly standard kitchen receives a lot of personality from both the wallpaper and the unique rug.
I love the hint of this Woods wallpaper by Cole and Son juxtaposed with a modern kitchen. It’s unpredictable, making the space feel personalized.
Ok, we’re getting even more gutsy now. This may still be only one wall, but it’s wide, and definitely dominates the space. And it’s covered in a very bold, unusual paper. I have to say, without it this kitchen would have felt pretty stark. I think it needed something colorful and unexpected, and this paper certainly does the trick.
eclectic kitchen Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick
And, voila! My favorite wallpapered kitchen photo. This one, from the bookDecorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick, pulled out all the stops. It’s certainly a bold approach, but it feels happy to me.
Should the wallpaper stop at the kitchen entry? Tell us below!