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The Princess and the Tea

APRIL 28TH, 2011

The Princess and the Tea

Once upon a time, a royal couple was set to wed.
In a land far away, fair maidens rose early out of bed
To gather with their best friends all around
To watch a princess receive her crown.

Said one maiden to the next: “How shall we cater our bash?
If it’s going to be posh we can’t serve bangers and mash.”
So they donned their hats and sipped Earl Grey,
As they snacked on Bridge Mixture and concocted a way.

“Why, cucumber sandwiches, of course! No crust is a must.
And we’ll cheers with Pimm’s so it won’t be a bust.
If we serve freshly baked scones with some clotted cream,
Our royal wedding-watching party will be an absolute dream!” —KD