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Swiss Home with Sweeping Views

Peter Blom went to Switzerland in early 2008 in search of the perfect property to buy, but came away having only found the perfect location. The well-traveled bachelor fell in love with the location, with its picturesque views and close proximity to nearby ski areas. When he returned to The Netherlands, he found a housing project consisting of three buildings with a total of nine apartments. Instantly interested, Blom went back to Switzerland and, being one of the first clients, was able to secure the best apartment in the unit — the penthouse.

Blom's home is in the alpine village of Faulensee, on the south bank of Lake Thun. Not only does the home boast spectacular views of Thun and the surrounding Swiss Alps, but it also looks out onto gorgeous green meadows. It’s no wonder Blom has made this Swiss home his primary residence, with sweeping views of water, mountains and meadows completing the modern retreat. 

See photos from Peter Blom's eclectic loft in The Hague
Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Peter Blom
Location: Faulensee, Switzerland
Size: Approximately 300 square meters including a gym space. The home has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large south-facing terrace.
The south terrace is a wonderfully serene place to enjoy breakfast, read a book or simply enjoy the outdoors, with pretty meadow views on one side...
...and spectacular mountain views on the other. The opportunity for world-class skiing is one of Blom’s favorite aspects of living in Switzerland. He says, “I can ski, sail and Bern is just 40 kilometers away. And if I am bored, I can always go to Holland.” There are major ski areas within 30 kilometers of his home: Wengen, Maenlichen, Grindelwald and Adelboden. Blom favors Wengen for the south slopes of Grindelwald called First.

Though the home is filled with treasured items that Blom loves, his favorite item is the stunning bronze bird on the south terrace. The piece appears to be taking flight in the picturesque mountain setting. The sculpture is by Dutch artist Peter Peterson, who 
draws his inspiration from nature and often re-creates typical Dutch animals. Blom is a huge fan of Petersen and owns a lot of his work.

The main city on the south bank of Lake Thun is Spiez, which is a mere five-minute drive away. In the distance, across the serene waters of Thun, lies the popular skiing destination Interlaken.
Blom has an affinity for vintage maps, which add character to a wall between the contemporary kitchen and living room area. The framed maps are of places that Blom has lived, including South America and Switzerland. “Maps have to have a meaning for me. I don’t just buy maps,” Blom says. 

The sleek kitchen features granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances and fittings and industrial-style pendant lamps.
The sitting nook in the far corner of the room is a stark contrast against the style of the kitchen, going from modern and minimal to bold and quirky. Tying the two opposing spaces together is a fun and colorful painting. 

Blom says not everyone likes his home. “Many Swiss people don't like the style of the house, especially the paintings,” he says. Blom admits that the interior is done in precisely his taste, “What is important is that it fits together, but of course, that’s a matter of taste.”
Blom’s favorite room in the house is the living room. “It's large, nicely decorated and the views of the lake, mountains and meadows are really beautiful,” he says. 

High, angular ceilings breathe light and space into the living area. The exposed beams give the space character and charm. A gorgeous wooden writing desk is a perfect spot for Blom's visitors to write postcards, with large floor-to-ceiling windows offering views of Lake Thun and the Alps beyond.

The furnishings are an interesting mix of modern and traditional. Blom purchased most of the home's furniture in Nieuwegein (near Utrecht in the Netherlands), with the help from an interior designer friend.
Blom’s Swiss retreat houses a vast collection of interesting art, much like his loft apartment in the Netherlands. The model boat and nautical-themed oil paintings reflect Blom’s sailing and boating lifestyle, while providing juxtaposition against the home’s other colorful artwork. The boat was purchased in an antique shop in Utrecht in the Netherlands. 

Paintings: Ronald Habraken
Blom’s home office is a tiny but organized nook just off the hallway. The space above his bookshelves houses a sizable collection of tiny ceramic Dutch houses, which he collected from the Dutch airline KLM. They were given to travelers flying first class and, later, to those flying business class internationally. Blom liked them so much he purchased some from other travelers who didn’t want them. The tiny houses serve as a reminder of Blom’s native country.
Blom favors one particular artist, Ronald Habraken, whose work is featured several times throughout the house. Over the years, Blom has commissioned Habraken to paint about 30 paintings, most of which are in this home in Switzerland while the rest reside in Blom’s apartment in The Hague.

Because Blom wanted to incorporate a personal gym space in the design of the property, he added 100 square meters between the garage and the second floor. The ground-floor addition includes a variety of gym equipment, a sauna, whirlpool and a guest bedroom and bathroom.

Like the kitchen, Blom chose a modern, minimalist aesthetic for the guest bathroom.

In addition to the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, the property is surrounded by crisp green meadows. This home truly has the best of both worlds.

Who wouldn't love to soak up this serene view every day?